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Monday, 7 February 2011

Irish Priests having problems with new translation of the Mass

I note over on Rorate-Caeli a study on the new translation submitted by an association Irish Priests filled with the most hacknied arguements and critisims - all of which have already been addressed elsewhere ad nauseum....

All though I do not entirely approve of it, the expression "BUILD A BRIDGE AND GET OVER IT!" comes to mind.

Spare us the poor arguements about "eliteism" "lack of inclusiveness" "unpastoralness" - Enough is enough is enough - I mean really you've had your chance, and while I know failure isn't in your vocabulary, at least with regard to your own pastoral strategy, it definitely is in mine and the people to whom you minister (or once ministered too).

Oh and by the way, the Anglican Church has taken on board most of your suggestions I believe they are always happy to accomodate people with your views as well (just a thought) - It certainly is a good way to assess the value of your strategies...don't you think?   The laity don't seem to be in evidence much though...sadley.  You will be pleased to hear the Anglican traditionalist are no longer welcome in their own church, a situation that we are happily reversing the Catholic Church thanks to the Holy Father.

I do hope that you have the integrity to leave - when you clearly no longer believe...

In Domino


Sir Abraham Haphazard said...

I wasn't aware that English was spoken in Ireland.

The Sibyl said...

There's certainly no liturgy to speak of!