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Sunday, 20 February 2011

Defiant priests refuse new translations

Typically arrogrant clergy such as Fr Corothers of St Declans Penshurst and a dozen or so others, again impose their willfullness on happless congregations - by refusing to use the new translation (if only as many had refused the outrageous imposition of a new liturgy in 1970) So what's new!  An academic approach to the translation is not of interest, why - because it's not about the translation in reality - it's about Vatican II and the interpertation or misinterpertation as the case may be.

Poor Fr Corothers, he does have a penchant for attention seeking behaviour, but is he just being faithful to the inerpretation which were being promoted at the time of his training?  That would give some nobility to his cause, but who is to blame for his position?  Well the answer is; mosty dead bishops who allowed this interpertation to flourish.  His lack of openess is the real problem, he's now become a recalcitrent conservative unable to let go of the past!  Wondering what to do with those hiddeous 70's vestements ? send them to Fr Corothers!

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