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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

THE "ORDINARIATE JOURNEY" - A new Pilgrimage of Grace

The Pilgrimage of Grace under the banner of the Five Wounds
I just saw the term "the Scottish Ordinariate Journey" and thought, what a delightful turn of phrase!  Anglicanorum Coetibus certainly is a dynamic document as Fr Phillips from the U.S. observes.  As various people come together in different parts of the world - truly  it is a  new "Pilgrimage of Grace".

The birthing pains of the Ordinariates are seeing realignments not only within the Catholic Church but also in the ecclesial bodies from which they come

The Church of England authorities will pretend, to the best of their ablity that it's business as usual and "close the lytch gate behind you as you leave".  Meanwhile in the continuing Anglican world, many will be realigning themselves in order to continue and indeed survive.

I imagine that in the future there will be two principal reference points for Anglicanism, the Ordinariate Anglicans in union with the Pope on one side, and the affirming Anglicans in union with Canterbury on the other.  Undoubtedly both those in union with Canterbury and those continuring Anglican groups will suffer a constant hemorage as the Anglicans of the Ordinariate regrafted onto the stem from which they sprung begin to flourish.  One thing is for certain Anglicanism will never be the same.

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