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Wednesday, 16 December 2009

The New Communities continued...

The Benedictine Monks of Le Barroux, established in the 1980's have completed the building of their Abbey Church and have since made another foundation in France. the average age until recently was 27.
Aerial shot of the Abbey with Mt Ventoux in the background
Lavendar picking in the forecourt of the Abbey

Lavendar picking by the monks in work habits
During his ordination a monk follows the Missal
The ordaining Cardinal at the throne
Dom Gerard the forme Abbot at the throne with Assistants
The Conventual Mass
Ordinations in the Abbey Church
Pontifical Mass celebrated by the fromer Abbot Dom Gerard R.I.P.
Profession of a Monk - his hands upraised as he sings the "Sucipe"
At the ponifical blessing
Candidate for the priesthood enter by the western door

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