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Saturday, 8 November 2008

Bishop of Wollongong on Summorum Pontificum

In his "Pastoral Reflection" on pope Benedict's apostolic letter motu proprio "Summorum Pontificum" of 14 September 2007, Bishop Peter Ingham said "I do not see that the Pope is intending his legislation to attract new recruits to what he now calls the "extraordinary" form of the Mass".

Certainly this is a view that must be on his Lordships wish list, sadly however for him the Holy Father not once mentions such a position and indeed how could he, when his own dicastaries are busy recognising new institutes of religious life devoted to the usus antiquior, full of young vocations, at a rate of knotts.

Gradually seminaries everywhere are beginning to teach their candiates for the deaconate and priesthood how to celebrate the "more ancient use" crossing this bridge will potentionally change the face of liturgy in the ordinary form throughout the world.

The Diocese of Wollongong is ill prepared for the onset of this new liturgical revolution, apart from the Mass of St Pius V at Gwynneville, no other mass in the diocese according the rite of Paul VI is celebrated in Latin. The "reform of the reform" seems to have been unheard of or at least ignored.

The official music of the Catholic Church is heard nowhere in the diocese, despite the request of the "Extraordinary Synod of Bishops" 2007, that it be esteemed and employed.

Major diocesan liturgies are usually not conducted in church buildings, and are theatrical extravaganzas without a hint of Latin or gregorian chant, inappropriate forms of expression such as dancing have become a common feature.

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