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Thursday, 30 December 2010

Rites of the Ordinariates

Some observations about the liturgical question associated with the upcoming Ordinariates from a traditionalist RC perspective.
AngloCatholic High Mass

Correct me if I am wrong, but from what I can see there seem to be a number of different rites, uses and practices which will contend for a place under the banner of the much discussed Anglican Patrimony.

The issue of the liturgical use of the Ordinariates will, no doubt, very soon be the subject of heated debate among our Ordinariate bound brethren.

For those traditional Catholics who welcome and embrace the traditional liturgical heritage of the Church there is a hope that the dominant variation of the Roman Rite known in England before the Reformation the "Use of Sarum" or the Sarum Rite will be restored as the Extraordinary Form of the Ordinariate.

Anglo Papalists who prefer the Counter Reformation Rites of the Latin Church require no legislation or special permission to use either the Usus Antiquior or the Usus Recentior what remains to be done:

1. Approved English Translation of the Usus Antiquior for liturgical use- The English Missal seems to be the obvious choice.
2.  An Ordinariate Calendar with local variations.

Dearmerites will be aware that the Pre-Reformation Rites however require some positive work to permit their resusitation - Cramner Godly Order alone will not do; rather the Usus Salisburiensis whole and entire -what needed:

1. A Latin typical Edition
2. Current liturgical Calendar
3. A Sarum Ritus Servandus
4. An approved English translation of the Sarum Rite.
5. The restoration of the Sarum Divine Office at very least for religious and collegiat churches

Fr Christopher Phillips in the USA, developed the Anglican Use - Which is a hybrid Anglican/Cramnarian version of the current Roman Rite.  From what I gather it is not a work that he regards as complete or rather finalised indeed Anglorum Ceotibus opens the door for its further development and adaptation.


Xristoforos McAvoy said...

Grace and peace from our Lord Jesus Christ,

I wholeheartedly support the usage of sarum within ordinariates as fully legitimate. It is the most pure most legitimate holy apostolic catholic orthodox patrimony that england has to offer. About 90% of it is the same as the dominican rite. 85% is the same as the tridentine.
It is not very different than the english missal. I live and breath the sarum and traditional latin liturgy in english. I create vespers and lauds (eventually matins too) booklets following the sarum rite with the psalm tones and english language adapted plainchant antiphons from Charles Winfrid Douglas, G.H. Palmer and Dr. William Renwick's website. If you are interested in booklets for the commmon of the saints, propers of the week or the feasts of first and second class doubles send email to or call 301-447-2669. I also am typesetting as many sequence hymns for the mass in metrical english from adam of st victor with their original melodies. Any interest or support is appreciated. Booklets are $2 each and come with authentic ancient western colour images (icons) specific to the feast. They truly are among the best liturgies that the western church has to offer. Also see Fr Aidan Keller's wonderful Sarum psalter online. Kind regards from the miserable sinner, Christopher McAvoy

The Sibyl said...

Thank you Christopher,

I am interested in a Latin edition (booklet) of Compline - for laity and choir.