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Thursday, 29 October 2009

Wollongong and it's very ordinary form

The celebration of the "Ordinary Form" i.e. Missal of Paul VI in the Wollongong Diocese on Sundays leaves a lot to be desired. It remains replete with the almost extinct liturgical vision of the 1970's which in most places has exhausted diocesan coffers and left the pews almost empty.

The use of female altar servers and readers seems to be the norm, whilst the diocesan leaflet on how to receive communion conspicuously leaves out the reception of communion kneeling and on the tougue which remains the universal practice of the Catholic Church. (Pity help foreign visitors) World Youth Day 08 seems to have done little to change the imposition of this monocultural (Ozzi) liturgical vision.

Attempts in different parts of the diocese south and west to gain access to the usus antiquior or Extraordinary Form of the mass have been quashed both by clergy in favour and those not. Their combined efforts have succeeded in keeping priests from outside the diocese out and stopped any other priest within the diocese who might have been inclined to assist in it's celebration.

"The Reform of the Reform" is unheard of in the diocese. There is no solemn Latin celebration of the Roman Liturgy either in the EF or OF anywhere in the diocese.

It seems clear that whilst Bishop Ingham remains Ordinary, so too will the liturgy in the diocese remain ordinary even in the Extraordinary Form!

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