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Thursday, 5 February 2009

The Council Questioned!

Attacks on the interpretation of Vatican II cannot be construed as attacks on the Council itself.
Liberals whose interpretation of the Council has dominated the church may now find their interpretation questioned, a situation that they never believed possible.
It has not escaped notice that most of the comments made by the various episcopal conference on the lifting of the excommunications on the Lefebvrists have have included comments to the effect that Vatican II is not negotiable.
"Au contraire" if by this they mean the current interpretation, then they are both wrong and arrogant to make such statements. Many Catholics have been appauled at the misreading and misapplication of the Council for many years and rejoice now in the opporunity to clarify the confusion created by the liberal hijackers of the Council.

Over 20 years ago, someone coins these views in a song:

"When good pope John assumed the throne and called his famous Council.
As wise peritus I did serve, but stood the middle ground sir.
Old prinicples I did up hold, but changed their application,
and thus aquired a much desired but fleeting reputation.

In Paul the sixth's betroubled reign, an age of contradiction,
The all consuming council was a source of endless friction.
All it's decrees were pastoral, it made no definition,
But those who dared to question it were fated to perdition!"

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