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Monday, 4 January 2010

Happy Epiphany! Tommorrow is the Feast universally celebrated on the 6th of January of the Epiphany and the three Kings (Wise Men or Magi). It is one of the ancient feasts of Christ's kingship - when the gentile Kings (who represent us) bearing gifts, pay hommage to the King of Kings. (Beautifully summarise by the hymn Bethlehem of noblest cities)

Fairer than the sun at morning
was the star that told His birth;
to the lands their God announcing,hid beneath a form of earth.

By its lambent beauty guided,
see the eastern kings appear;
see them bend, their gifts to offer
gifts of incense, gold, and myrrh.

Statue in a Cologne Public Square Solemn things of mystic meaning!
-Incense doth the God disclose;
Gold a royal Child proclaimeth;
Myrrh a future tomb foreshows.

It is certainly a public holiday in the City and environs of Cologne, and undoubtedly in other parts of Europe. How distressing it is that the Australian Bishops have relegated this feast to the previous Sunday along with so many other Holy Days. We really need a nation wide petition to request the restoration of our feast days to their proper days - a request for uniformity the the universal Calendar of the Church.

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